So you’ve stumbled onto my blog!

This is great- I’ve done nothing, yet am already getting visits!

Well I’m in the process of switching my blogging platform (shhh!), so I unfortunately don’t have any posts yet. But I can tell you what you will soon be able to find here! I’m the one and only (at least I think I’m the only…) Urban Granola! Twitter- @theurbangranola

My current blog can be found on Blogspot. It has served me well, but I’m moving on to greater things and need more functionality in my publishing. The content of that blogspot blog is identical to what will be posted here. I write about what matters most to me, and that’s making the world a better place for all living things to live. I post about sustainable cities, urban design, art, veganism, eco-friendly living, and so on- and yes, it’s all related! So check back for when I can add a bit more!