I get to teach myself next semester, any guidance?

I’ve been granted permission to conduct an independent study/supervised research course focusing in ecological urbanism.

Does anybody have any recommendations for focus topics, lesson plan, etc.?

Home in West Baltimore


Morgan Community Mile

Another reason why I haven’t posted much lately- The Morgan Community Mile. Our kick-off event will be Saturday, October 27th at the Morgan State University Student Center. Come join us in the excitement!

My apologies for not being active lately…

I keep telling myself this schedule will let up…I keep promising my readers that I will be posting more…alas, none of it has been true!

From left to right: Ryan Montoni, Peter Doo, and Megan Griffith. Photo courtesy of Doo Consulting

Some exciting things are happening, though. My internship at Doo Consulting, a sustainability consulting firm in Towson, MD has been great. Last month, we participated in the international event, Park(ing) Day. You can hear a moderately embarrassing clip of me speaking in this interview which aired on the Towson University radio station: http://wtmd.org/radio/2012/09/26/parking-day-baltimore/

Our pop-up space’s theme was the “Future Doodle”- more of this will surely come to fruition in the coming weeks, I’ll share information about it when I can! In the mean time, I’ll share an in-progress image of my Future Doodle:

Megan Griffith working on her “Future Doodle” at the Doo Consulting Park(ing) Day space in Towson, MD. Photo courtesy of Doo Consulting.