Charm City EcoVillage

The future of our cities looks like nothing we have ever before seen…..

The city skyline will be mistaken for the lush edge of an ancient forest… building silhouettes will more closely resemble the shape of a tree than a box….streets will be paved with turf and walls shall be wrapped in greenery….

The potential for a city to be green is limitless. And, of course, “green” means more than just the color! A truly green city is self-sufficient and sustainable-  all energy needs are generated from renewable sources within city limits, materials are recycled and reused, schools educate stewardship, residents grow their own food and eat produce as it’s in season…..there’s so much more to it sustainability than just being green.

This is how I imagine the future of our cities to look, and this is why Charm City EcoVillage was created. From social issues to environmental considerations, Charm City EcoVillage aims to promote and cultivate sustainable city living.

As the semester ends and I have more free time, I’ll be able to post more about Charm City EcoVillage. In the meantime, check out our Tumblr and Facebook pages!


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