No harm in a little self-pride?

I apologize if this comes off in poor taste, but I absolutely must recognize what I’ve accomplished in less than a year. I am often the humble type, but right now, I have no shame!

Not only did I accept the challenge of managing a student organization for my graduate, but I opted to take that opportunity to launch a full-fledged APA-certified Planning Student Organization. With a simple yet clever name, I gave the new Morgan Association of Planning Students (MAPS) a brand [logo, color scheme, graphic style, etc.]; using a pre-existing social media account on Facebook, launched a WordPress website, a LinkedIn account, a Twitter account, and a Google+ account with support from my colleague and the Director of Social Media and Communications, Michael Burton; I’ve distributed (semi)regular newsletters and campaigns to our membership; organized two fall events [Park(ing) Day and a presentation from a U.S. Census Bureau individual]; and managed to pull off a largely successful Professional Development Institute (PDI), from which I’ve just come home.

Still riding the high from this morning’s event, it’s difficult to play down how great I feel! The turn out may not have been overwhelming, but our program, after all, only has a graduating 2014 class of 3 students (including myself)!! You can learn more about the event by taking a visit to the MAPS blog. [Take a look at the MAPS 2014 PDI program!] Below is a photo of me (right) with my aunt Cindy Foster, a career adviser and founder of the B’More Hireable, a career club for women. Cindy presented two (out of nine) sessions at this morning’s event.


Not only am I proud, however, but I also feel enriched. In addition to the great company I kept this morning, I was energized from hearing an accomplished alumni remind me why I’ve chosen this profession; I had discussed with a planning consultant how I to prepare now for my interest in eventually consulting; I spoke with a career adviser about optimizing my resume; I listened to the principal at a leading local landscape architecture firm talk about using my skills as a planner to fit in wherever I can find an opening; I received pointers for acing the interview process; I probed recent graduates about life after grad school; and I had a blast networking with my peers and with local professionals….all before 1:00 p.m.!!

I’m hoping to get some of the presentations uploaded to our website (with permission from the speakers). But in the mean time, here are a few more photos!



See my short MAPS Blog post about the event!