Buy Local Challenge

So this passed week was the buy local challenge. I planned to post about all my meals like I had done last year on my old blog (see the July posts here), but that never happened. Part of the reason is that it’s so much harder to buy local when you’re a vegan trying to substitute dairy products….even harder when you’re one of those still transitioning vegans who tends to have a difficult time sticking to it on a normal day. But I did what I could. The test of the challenge is to use one local ingredient in every meal for a week. For someone like me, who already has a very localized diet, it’s easy. But for people who are so used to shopping in the conventional grocery store- it is indeed quite the challenge.

Last year’s haul

Local milk was sooo much yummier than the over-processed stuff on most shelves. Alas, milk is a thing of the past for me

Last year I pressed myself to make as many ingredients as possible local, and I even ended the challenge week out of town on a family vacation- very tough but I did it! This year, I went on my trip to the store in hopes of returning with a local bounty worth photographing, but realized my purchase was pretty wimpy. I started the week with these local items in my pantry and fridge:

From the Burton Family farm stand on my corner:

  • Potatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Tomatoes
  • Peaches
  • Plums

From Mom’s Organic Market:

And sadly….that was it. I couldn’t buy local milk, local cheese, local pasta, local yogurt….I did cheat and have a B’More Organic Mango/Banana smoothie (non-dairy)…but even though that’s a local company, I’m fairly certain they aren’t growing local mangoes and bananas…

I’m also broke, so I opted out of local soap and local granola since I didn’t need to buy those items- I also didn’t even eat at any local restaurants =(

Le sigh….a failure this week, but in general I pride myself on eat local as often as possible!


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